Lab of Advanced Energy Storage Materials & Devices

Battery Material R&D Centre

Smart Energy R&D Centre

Vibration Energy Recovery and Application R&D Centre

Marine Geotechnical Engineering R&D Centre

Energy Management and Waste Heat Utilization R&D Centre

Marine Hydrogen Energy R&D Centre

Waste Heat Recovery R&D Centre

Microalgae Biotechnology R&D Centre

Flywhee Battery R&D Centre

Advanced Energy Storage and Electric Power Conversion R&D Centre

Optical Sensing for Energy and 

New Energy Technology Innovation Centre

Oil-Gas Gathering System Simulation R&D Centre

Swarm Intelligence in Architectural Technology Application 

Aerogel Thermal Insulation Materials R&D Centre

Carbon Neutralization Near Real-Time Monitoring Technology

Thermal Protection and Management Under Extreme Conditions R&D Centre

Green and Environmental Protection and Carbon Neutralizaiton R&D Centre